Wedding Reception Advice – Tips For Your Wedding Guest Book

Being in the wedding business, I tend to notice guest sign-in faux pas at events I attend. Usually, they are nothing major. But even the little things (like where a guest book is placed) can result in little glitches (like a slow moving line). So, I’ve compiled some wedding guest sign in books tips. If even one of them makes your reception or wedding day run a little smoother, my mission is accomplished!

Make sure your wedding guest book is located somewhere where everyone who enters will see it and sign it. This seems obvious, but unfortunately, I’ve been to weddings where half the guests never saw the wedding sign-in book because it was placed in an “out of the way” location. The resulting lack of signatures was…well, depressing. I’ve found that having the guest book in plain site might not be enough either. It might be a good idea to catch your guests as soon as they enter. If the book is located somewhere away from the entrance, many guests might see it, and intend to sign it eventually, but end up forgetting. Another option is to have a member of the wedding party circulate the wedding guest sign in book around the tables during dinner or entertainment.
Remember, it will take people time to sign the guest book, so if it can be positioned so guests can sign-in while they wait in your line…all the better! If you don’t have a line, make sure you place the guest book in a location that’s easily visible from the entrance, but doesn’t block the flow of traffic. (Traffic jams at weddings are so last season.:)
Choose the right kind of pen or marker for your wedding sign-in book. Make sure it will last. Choose a tip that will be legible. Choose a color that compliments your book, and is easy to see. Consider the type of paper your wedding guest book has (glossy, etc), and choose a pen that won’t smear or leak through the pages. How the pen writes is more important than how it looks! (What good is a cute feathery pen if it ends up making all your guests’ signatures look like smeary blobs?) I often suggest having a friend or family member sign the guest book in advance for a pen test run.
Think about your reason for having a wedding guest book. Is it to add a unique detail to your reception? Is it to preserve the names of guests in attendance? Is it to ask for advice or messages from guests? A combination? Make sure the guest sign-in option you choose fulfills your reason for having a guest book. Make sure it’s quality and will last if that’s important to you. Make sure it’s something you’ll want to display around your future house if storing it in a closet isn’t what you have in mind. Make sure it’s well-thought out and…YOU!

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5 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas For a Unique Wedding

Why is a guest book so important for weddings? Why is it important for the wedding couple?

Guest books are important for the couple because it is the record of the guests and their wonderful comments for the bride and groom. It is considered a treasured memento of the couple’s wedding that they can go back to year after year as they celebrate their anniversary. Many couples do this reminiscing thing while celebrating their wedding anniversaries to bring back the memories of the celebration- a get-together of families and friends who have given their thoughts and blessings to the couple for a new-found life together.

If you are planning for your wedding, it is an important task to look for unique wedding guest books that you can choose from to make your wedding celebration unique and complete. This task should be personal and you are obliged to pick yours according to your preferences as a couple and as a complement to your wedding.

1. Themed Wedding Guest book

Themed weddings usually call for tie-ups of other elements such as invitations, attire and many others. If you don’t have a particular theme for your wedding, the usual thing to do is to tie your wedding guest book to the color scheme or motif.

A classic and elegant wedding calls for an elegantly designed one with either white or ecru pages, and a motif hardbound cover. You may also want to personalize your guestbook by ordering it from an online stationery store or wedding accessories shop. Finding these personalized guestbooks are easy as the click of your mouse.

2. Photo Wedding Guest Book

There are two types of photo wedding guestbook that you can use during your wedding. The traditional way of taking Polaroid photos during your wedding is one way to have instant photos of family, friends and guests. Take some snapshots of you and your partner with each of your guests [an individual or group or family]. However, in this day and age, the digital camera is a handier piece of gadget that most people are fond of using. However, printing the photo could only be done after the wedding if this is the case; so make sure that your guests sign on specific pages especially for them.

The other type of photo wedding guest book is where the book itself has photos of you and your partner. Normally, photography studios offer this service as an inclusion to their normal photography services. This is apart from the wedding album itself, but this guest book contains photos of the wedding couple during the pre-nuptial photo shoot. The guest book is usually a magazine-type and hardbound, and each page has photos of the couple which appear to be part of the design. This is passed on to the guests during the wedding reception where they can write their well-wishes and congratulatory notes.

3. Wedding Guest Book Plate/Platter

A ceramic plate or platter is a fun and very unique way of having your guests sign and wish you on your wedding day. A large plate/platter is better for weddings of more than 50 guests and you can keep this as a home decor [usually a focal point of a particular room]. Don’t forget to provide a fine-point marker to your guests to ensure that their messages will stay permanently on the ceramic surface. You can order these guest book plates/platters online and some stores may also include special markers as well.

4. Monogrammed Wedding Guest Book

This is another personalization method that you can apply to your wedding guest book. You can order a custom-made wedding guest book which bears the monogrammed initials of the bride and groom. This is a simple addition to your personalized or themed wedding guest book that doesn’t cost too much but adds a unique touch to it all in all.

5. Quilted Wedding Guest Book

Quilts by tradition are a great way to involve family and friends to create an entire piece [i.e. blanket or tapestry as the most common] out of patches of fabric that are sewn together. Taking this tradition to create a wedding guest book is a unique and interesting way of involving your family, friends and guests to piece together their wishes and good lucks.

Provide your fabrics of choice to each of your guests and make sure to provide also some fabric markers. You can ask you groomsmen and bridesmaids to hand out the fabric pieces and markers to your guests. You can also task them to collect the completed pieces and keep them in a box so you can take all of their wishes with you after the reception. The task of sewing the fabrics together can be done by you and your partner or you can ask family members to help out. You can frame the quilt once it’s sewn and display it on the wall of your home.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can apply when you are planning for a unique and interesting wedding guest book. Use your imagination and picture how you would like your wedding guest book will look like. If you are stuck with ideas, you can browse the internet for more info, samples and ideas from wedded couples as well.

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What Is a Wedding Guest Book?

Wedding guest books are special memoirs that record the information about the guests who attended the wedding. These books consist of limited pages to extended sheets based on the number of guests who are expected to attend the wedding. Besides the traditional photo albums and video tapes, these books act as a prime tool for recording the event.

A wedding book is one of the best ideas one could have at a wedding. Instead of choosing a traditional, customized wedding book, you may use your own ideas to create an impressive wedding book. Not just because the books keeps a record of the guests, but for a well-documented record of those who shared the special moments one must have a wedding guest book at the venue.

Wedding guest book is a treasure of words offered to the couple in the form of blessings, advice and suggestions. The book captures all those moments which you might have missed during the wedding as a bride or bridegroom. After you return from the honeymoon, you can let the memories flow through the comments section of the book.

Wedding guest books are one of the most used and preferred wedding accessories. It is available in various sizes, shapes, designs and thickness. Based on your requirements you must choose one for your special day. Customized wedding guest books available in the stores are usually dumped in the corner of the store room or ignored completely after some time. To avoid this, one must put in their best creativity to make the special book an object to treasure forever. Let us browse through a few options available

1. Theme Based
If your wedding is based on a theme, choose the book that compliments the theme. This is one way of relating every little thing closely to the event. The theme based guest book will not just look attractive but leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. If the wedding is based on fairy tale theme use a wedding book with pictures and designs of colorful garden, fairy land, whimsical designs, vintage and sceneries that relate to quirky and creative thinking.

2. Wedding Guest Books (Photo Books)
Photo guest books create better impact on the guests as they are illustrated and colorful as compared to the customized ones. You may add the photographs of your engagement or any other special moment in the book and ask your guests to comment and write their special messages.

3. Fabric Wedding Book
Distribute pieces of fabric to the guests and ask them write their messages on them. Later collect them and consolidate into a book. This quilted masterpiece will certainly create a sensation in your wedding.

4. Interesting Puzzle Pieces
A puzzle guest book is a great idea anyone could think of to grace the wedding celebrations. Convert your favorite photograph or a picture based on your wedding theme into small pieces which can be put together to form the original picture. Request your guests to write on each of those pieces which can be later put together.

5. Customized Wedding Guest Books
Many shops that sell customized gifts also offer customized wedding guest book with the initials of the bride and the groom engraved on the pages. Also silver and gold lining on the corners of the page adds grace to the book. Place it at a prominent place and request your guests to pour in their messages for the couple.

Facts that Determine the Effectiveness

Usually the books used in most weddings consist of simple columns and spaces where the guests are supposed to drop their messages for the newlywed couple. Also they would be mentioning their names and a couple of details. But these kinds of books have become too monotonous. To change with the tide one has to understand the facts that make these special books one of the main attractions.

• Do Not Leave the Book Incomplete – An incomplete guest book is as good as a blank book. So make sure you assign someone the task of passing the wedding guest book to all the guests for their messages. To enhance the standard of the book try to paste the pictures of the guests and ask them to write in front of their pictures.
• Add Grace and Keep it Short – Though the special book is created for the guests make sure the guests do not fill pages together. Request them to keep their messages short and crisp. Also ask them to make their messages interesting by using quotes, funny lines, jokes and useful tips for the couple to make their life happier.
• Upgrade the paper Books – These days not many of us use the traditional paper guest books in weddings. Instead try to find out the latest styles and materials used to make guest books. There are a wide range of ceramics and metal plates used in place of papers in guest books. Try a couple of them out to impress the guests. You can also use them as display items in your homes.

Make every moment of your wedding a memorable one using creative ideas. The guest books not just help you to keep a track of the guests who attended the special event but also their kind words of blessing and advice to follow. Wedding is a once in lifetime for most of us. So why not put in your best ideas to make it the most remembered event for you and your guests? Replace the traditional paper books with your creative displays and make the event a special and unique one.

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