Selecting And Placing Your Wedding Guest Book

Most couples when getting married today will present guests at their big day with wedding favors and also ask them to sign a wedding guest book. Generally the book will be placed in a prominent position at the wedding reception venue so that guests will remember to sign it and make a comment if they wish. Having such an item at your wedding will provide you with the perfect reminder of who actually attended what was a truly wonderful day.

When it comes to choosing a guest book for your wedding you will have a good selection of styles to choose from. However remember to choose one where the style is going to be a complement to the rest of the wedding theme. After selecting your book there are certain things that should be done to ensure that guests will remember to sign it and below we take a look at what some of these things are.

1. When choosing the location for where the book is going to be kept at the wedding reception then choose somewhere that is visible to all your guests. Most couples will tend to place it beside the entrance to the wedding reception venue so allowing guest to sign it without causing the entrance to the venue itself from becoming clogged up and preventing other guests from entering.

2. If you can get someone you can rely on to stand beside the guest book so that they can gently remind other guests as they arrive to sign it. This could prove useful if you decide to go down an alternative route for your wedding guest book. For example if you ask guests to record a short message to a video camera they can operate it whilst the other person says their piece and will help those who aren’t really comfortable in using such equipment.

Above we have provided some advice relating to the guest book for your wedding that will ensure that your guests will remember to sign it. Even though many couples choose to opt for a traditional style guest book for their wedding there are plenty of other ways of recording messages from guests at the big day.

Below are just some we feel you may want to consider using at your wedding.

Type 1 – If you wedding is only a small affair then why not arrange someone to have a camera which takes instant photos of the guests as they arrive at the wedding reception venue. Then these can be placed into a photo guest book and beside which the guests can place a comment and sign it.

Type 2 – There are plenty of wonderful video cameras around today so why not think about setting one up at the entrance of your wedding reception venue and get guests as they arrive to record a short message to you the happy couple. Again it would be a good idea to ask someone who is happy using this sort of equipment to actually help other guests to record their messages to you.

Type 3 – Rather than making guests as they arrive rush to leave a comment why not let them do so at their own pace. The best way of doing this is to place a box of cards on each table instead of having the usual wedding guest book. Then throughout the reception guests can remove cards from the box write on them before placing them back inside. Then at the end of the evening the bride and groom can ask someone to collect these up for them and hand them over to them later on.

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