Wedding Guest Book Ideas

If you are having a wedding you will obviously need a wedding guest book. The wedding guest book is one of your most important keepsakes of your wedding. The wedding guest book will have the signatures of all of people who attended your wedding. So why not make it fun and unique. So below I have listed a few ideas to make your wedding guest book fun and unique.

Wedding guest book themed

Try to pick a nice wedding guest book that will relate to the over all theme of your wedding. So if you are having a Fall wedding then you can often find a wedding guest book that will have fall colors or pressed leaves on the guest book itself. Or if you are having a beach style wedding then you can choose a guest book that will have sea shells on the guest book or starfishes. Just have fun with your theme and just know that there are many retailers out there who specialize in theme weddings so you are sure to find what you would like.

Signature guest book platter

Signature guest book platters are one of the most fun and unique ways to cherish your wedding memories. The guests can sign the platter and write special notes to you. You can display your signature guest book platter in a curio cabinet and it will be cherished for years to come.

Photo guest book frame

Photo guest book frames are another unique way to display some of your most cherished memories. You can have one of your best pictures in the middle and the wedding guests can sign around the photo and you can display the frame on a wall for years to come.

Polaroid guest book

Polaroid guest books are a very nice fun and interactive way for your guests to get involved. What you do is take a polaroid camera and take instant photos of your guests then they can sign around there photos. Polaroid guest books make nice instant memories that will last a life time.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can choose to make your wedding guest book more memorable.

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